Getting to know Lera Technologies

We are a leading provider of cutting-edge products and services to transform the way you go digital. At Lera, our mission is value creation by systematically reenvisioning opportunities using a collaborative approach. We deliver outcome based solutions that are smarter, efficient and personalised. We specialize in 8 next-generation digital services including IoT, mobile, social, analytics, cloud, cybersecurity and over 20 products that provide a broad range of enhanced capabilities. With a presence in 5 continents, we are trusted by global companies across industries.

The Lera way

At Lera, we don’t wait for the technology of the future. We build it. For us, ideating the impossible and bringing it to life is an everyday exercise. We call this Digital Next.

This impact-oriented approach to digital transformation empowers us to develop solutions and build capabilities for the workforce of the future. With safety, privacy and experience design as our core focus, we analyze how trends will affect businesses and devise strategies that generate maximum value.


Eficaz creates a centeralized data management platform that is instrumental in defining data models. data semantics and profile data, beyond sharing data preprations and sarasets.

It is inclusive of the Business Intelligence reporting and visualization layer that offers a complete framework to accelerate flexible analytics through daily reports and dashboards.

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Seamless Integration

Built exclusive for Temenos T24

Web based GUI

Easy to use, adopt and monitor

New Operational Models

Capable of using multiple types of data

Multi-format output

Provides multi-types normalized output to tables, files and/or databases

Reconcile- Validate- Truncate

Database reconciliation, file data validation and string truncation with DWH module

Reconcile- Validate- Truncate

Seamlessly supports Oracle, MS SQL Server and numerous other databases

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We build disruptive technology through innovation and constantly questioning norms to come up with groundbreaking solutions.

Our competitive advantage is fueled by our creativity and our unconventional approach towards problem solving.

We prototype solutions and test them extensively through experimentation to pivot our approach based on the results.

Experience enhanced process flows with our cutting edge products.

Address pain points with our extensive suite of solutions.

Leverage our technological expertise for value added outcomes.