Creative Data Visualization
Successful Business Intelligence

Struggling to derive
data-driven solutions?

When it comes to creative problem-solving with data, seeing is believing. In a world of constant data creation, data visualization drives transformation of the data into actionable intelligence and knowledge. Organizations need to be able to visualize data, automate business operations, generate intelligent business insights and scale data utilization, to attain and retain the competitive edge in their field. To cater to the nuances of the challenges that each industry and organization offers makes creativity not an option but a need for any organization with a growth mindset.

Leverage next-gen digital tools that are backed by data insights

Lera decided to make the process of leveraging data to get a 360° view of the business process easier with a potent mix of open-source BI tools. Our Business Intelligence solutions delve into process flows and explore creative new ways of optimizing every aspect. Lera’s BI solutions automate process flows end to end making it possible for teams to focus on core competencies instead. Lera’s digital accelerators connect past impact and present process with future foresight to offer up actionable analytical insights.

Data-driven process optimization with Lera accelerators

The need to implement analytical processes that drive Business Intelligence, in general spell a nightmare for teams, requiring a huge investment in terms of time, money and labor. Lera changed the game of traditional BI solutions with its digital accelerators that customize a winning combination of multiple open-source BI tools (SEAL BI, Power BI, Tableau, ODIEE, etc.). Lera creatively tackles business challenges and impacts performance by mapping BI solutions designed to address your specific pain points while also optimizing cost.

Game-changing aspects that our BI tools address

Identifying Areas for Improvement

Identifying areas for improvement

Determining Market Position

Determining market

Measuring Product Viability

Measuring product

Gauging Supply and Demand

Gauging supply and demand

Spotting Sales Opportunities

Spotting sales

Improving Lead Generation

Improving lead

Learning Customer Behaviour

Learning customer

Optimize Business Processes

Optimize business

With Lera, it is possible to move decision-making from being an instinct-driven process to one that is backed by data at each turn. With our accelerators in the space of Business Intelligence, we empower ways to reveal actionable insights in your data, find out what happened, and then explore why it happened. Discover the ‘why’ and uncover the next leg of growth for your organization with Business Intelligence powered by digital accelerators
from Lera.

Accelerate business
growth with BI

Customize your KPIs

Lera’s BI tools help visualize data and bridge performance gaps with a wide range of intuitive dashboard interfaces that enable the process of finding solutions. A 360° view of the corporate performance aids in assessment of performance and alignment of business metrics to future goals. It streamlines performance engineering to increase agility and scalability.

Enable Self-Service Analytics

Lera’s BI tools have democratized usage of analytics by enabling non-analysts to collect and process data, making it more accessible. Lera’s BI solutions have automated the entire flow using a powerful mix of statistics, predictive analysis, computer modelling, benchmarking, and other methodologies. Prioritization of effort, optimization of resources and enabling decision-making is now made possible with our digital accelerators.