Deep Learning

Deep Learning at Lera

Often considered the fastest-growing field in AI, deep learning has caught the attention of industry experts by solving the most challenging business cases with its neural network-based advanced model-building techniques. At Lera, we harness this leading-edge technology that infuses cognitive, human-like capabilities into enterprise functions to accomplish complex tasks and achieve major progress in various domains. Our experts work with your team to find out the right solution that is suited to your business and help you utilize this powerful technology to process unstructured data. Working with clients across industries, we have fine-tuned our deep learning capabilities which focus on natural language processing, computer vision and pattern recognition to deliver maximum value.

Deep Learning Technology

The Lera Offerings

We have strong algorithms that recognize any deficiency outside the developed understanding set. Our solutions enable feature extraction seamlessly and help solve complex problems effortlessly with the standard rules based on robust algorithms. Together with your in-house team, we combat challenges like image classification, prediction and model deployment to ensure that your business reaches its full potential. You no longer need to feel overwhelmed with a flood of data, thanks to the incredible capabilities of deep learning.

The Benefits

Prevent Customer Churn

Prevent customer churn

Create New Features

Create new features

Predict Clickthrough Rate

Predict clickthrough rate

Undertake Advanced Analysis

Undertake advanced analysis

Optimize Networks Faster

Optimize networks faster

Enable Parallel Processing

Enable parallel processing

Reduce Human Intervention

Reduce human intervention

Overcome Data Challenges

Overcome data challenges

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