Management and Advisory Consulting

Management Consulting at Lera

Our management and advisory consultants help your organization achieve sustainable efficiency improvements on operations through business analysis, digital strategy consulting, process re-engineering, performance and productivity optimization, and strategies to improve top-line and bottom-line growth. We help you construct a problem statement, map out the way forward and work with you to deliver effective solutions that go the extra mile. Our credentials across sectors echo our success in deciphering business context.

Management Consulting Services

Meeting Your Challenges

Every organization requires a set of best practices to navigate disruptive changes, deal with uncertainties and bounce back from pitfalls. With increasing complexities, heightened competition and ever-demanding customers, companies are grappling to stay on top of their game. The most widely-faced challenges include maximizing the impact of talent, improving supply chain processes, creating a competitive advantage, managing risks, growing faster and working smarter.

What You Need

Redefine Business Scope
Align the Value Chain
Enhance Process with Technology
Reinvent the Organization
Reconnect with the Target Market
Measure Transition Impact

The Lera Offerings

We are committed to delivering long-term value for our clients through our extensive capabilities, which span leadership programs, process re-engineering, profit maximization, performance management system and strategy consulting. Here’s a look at each of our services that cater to all aspects of business development -

Through specialized programs, we extend leadership training to shift mindsets, transform the vision and mission and strategize steps to achieve them. We work with you to mold leaders who are adaptable to change, in-tune with their team’s needs and are well-suited to shepherd your organization through challenges.

We undertake a comprehensive process redesign after a thorough diagnosis of your current operations to help you set up workflows and business processes that go hand-in-hand with your organizational goals. We assist you extensively in implementing the identified steps to achieve dramatic improvements in productivity.

We arrive at measurements based on Theory of Constraints (TOC) to bring immediate focus on company goals and also link functional goals to them. Using our holistic approach, we identify if there is any discord within your business and help you find ways to overcome them and maximize your profits.

We use analytics to arrive at metrics that matter. Our intelligent dashboards bring out these metrics to help you access your employees’ performance individually, across functions and the overall organization. We ensure that you can effectively track and monitor performance to check if they are in tandem with your business goals.

We collaborate with you to come up with robust and strategic business plans that are insightful, industry-relevant and practical. We help you identify the internal bottlenecks in your organization and how you can overcome them to maximize your output. Our experts assist in the rapid implementation of business strategy.

The Benefits

Evolve New Techniques

Evolve new

Create Dynamic Business Models

Create dynamic
business models

Build Value Ecosystems

Build value

Co-Create Enterprise Business Strategies

Co-create enterprise
business strategies

Exploit Exponential Technologies

Exploit exponential technologies

Focus on New Revenue Streams

Focus on new
revenue streams

Reform Engagement with Stakeholders

Reform engagement
with stakeholders

Develop New Expertise

Develop new

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