Big Data

Big Data at Lera

Our feet-on-the-ground big data practitioners help you translate the overwhelming and complex into the practical and achievable with our Big Data analytics services. With a strong in-house competence in implementing big data, we are adept at exploiting the volume, velocity, variety and veracity of information to bring out the next wave of performance improvement. As a leading Big Data solution company, we empower you to leverage big data and unlock strategic value by taking full advantage of your data assets.

Advanced Analytics Services

Meeting Your Challenges

Using the right big data tools, businesses can utilize previously untapped, inaccessible or unusable data to make better and faster decisions. When it comes to big data adoption, the common roadblocks that businesses continue to face include talent crunch, scattered data, infrastructure issues, cost feasibility, security concerns and lack of business cases.

What You Need

Skilled Talent
Data Automation
Data Protection
Data Processing
Scalable Algorithm
Parallel Processing

The Lera Offerings

At Lera, as Big Data service providers, our primary focus is to develop custom solutions and arrive at the right technology blend based on your business goals. Towards this, our end-to-end services include

We provide services to update data from legacy databases and applications to modern data platforms to enable the implementation of analytics. We also help build accessible high quality data for teams to leverage with our data implementation services.

  • Data Integration Services
  • Data Management
  • Data Modelling
  • Custom Development (Hadoop)

We enable intelligent AI-driven data management of scalable, hybrid data to improve business performance and functionality.

Lera’s business advisory and consulting team identifies actionable strategy, process design, integration to execution across business sectors.

  • Data Strategy and Roadmap
  • Design and Architect Services
  • Develop POCs for Tech/Tool Choices

We provide enterprise-grade cloud-ready migration services on multiple platforms that are reliable, secure and fast.

  • EDW to Data Lake Migration (Hadoop)
  • EDW to Data Lake (Cloud Storage)
  • On Prem Hadoop to Cloud Migration

We enable application development, testing and deployment, security management services, traditional and open source databases, and cloud-native services.

  • Custom Application Development
  • Application Transformations
  • On Prem Hadoop to Cloud Migration

We provide dynamic technical support at various levels to various data management and implementation functionalities.

  • Level 1 to Level 3 Tech Support
  • Data Lake Management
  • EDW and DBA Services

The Benefits

Derive Insights from Disparate Sources

Derive insights from
disparate sources

Analyze Customer Purchasing Pattern

Analyze customer
purchasing pattern

Predict Market Trends and Future Demand

Predict market trends
and future demand

Provide Targeted Sales Promotion

Provide targeted sales promotion

Create Selling Opportunities

Create cross-selling/
up-selling opportunities

Introduce Loyalty Programs

loyalty programs

Retain Existing Customers

existing customers

Acquire New Customers

new customers

Optimize Planning and Operations

Optimize planning and operations

Improve Supply Chain Management

Improve supply chain management

Accelerate Time to Market


Save Cost, Time and Efforts

Save cost, time
and efforts

Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub

See All

Personalised Customer Experience

Built a Big Data solution to provide client a full view of business from customer behaviour patterns, internal process efficiency and market trends to provide greater personalization and more automated services.


Improved Cyber Security

Developed a Big Data analytics solution to help client quantify and understand potential risks, determine security priorities, develop processes to counteract damage in case of a breach and rapidly respond to threats.

Employee Performance Management

Provided a Big Data solution for a banking client to collect, decipher and share branch and individual employee performance metrics in real time bringing better visibility into the day-to-day operations.

Other Practices

Cloud Consulting Services
Business Intelligence Services
Management Consulting Services