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Lera has been empowering banks and other financial institutions across the globe to boost the operational efficiency of their Temenos Transact core banking software. Our enterprise-ready ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) and DW (Data Warehouse) suite, ‘Eficaz’, is designed to handle all the complexities arising in a bank’s Temenos Transact environment while working on any database.

Temenos Transact Consulting Services

Meeting Your Challenges

With increased digitization and scaling of data utilization, the face of banking services has transformed irrevocably. The entire banking landscape has become more dynamic than ever before, forcing banks to evolve their IT systems aggressively. Customers now take a wider product offering for granted, building a need to identify and address opportunities swiftly.

It is imperative for banking services to have a technology implementation partner in their corner to navigate through the choppy waters of disruptions. The implementation partner would need to understand business needs and map them to business applications with traceable processes and methodologies.

Temenos Transact core banking software is a world-class real-time system that allows private banks, retail banks, corporate banks and wealth managers to scale faster by leveraging cloud platforms and strong infrastructure. It is the world’s best-selling, rich core banking solution used by 1,000+ organizations across industries and geographies.

Temenos Transact Implementations

The Lera Offerings

As a leading Temenos Transact design studio implementation partner, gain effective implementation of core banking systems with Temenos Transact Services from Lera Tech. It incorporates the best practices in extraction, transformation, loading, report generation, and data archiving while building the data Distribution Management System architecture.

Each institution and banking service comes with its own unique set of nuances that need to be addressed during automation of processes. This involves significant risk, given the nature of the business which makes attention to detail not only crucial but essential.

Lera advantages of Temenos Transact software entails lowering the risk involved in custom development by increasing the involvement of stakeholders and end-users. Using this approach, mitigation of risks becomes easier and translates to higher levels of confidence for financial institutions to undertake the migration.

Banks are constantly involved in the development and launch of products as well as updates that need to be of a high quality and consume less time and cost to market. A technology partner who is well versed with the nitty gritties of banking services would make the end-to-end process less cumbersome and far quicker.

Lera’s Temenos Transact ODCs that are designed specifically for banks offer access to expert consultants of various tiers to work with. With an in-depth knowledge of the banking services, projects can hit the ground running with confidence.

IT implementations in banking services require a range of consultants during different phases. Lera offers up a wide range of banking consultants with varied degrees of expertise to work with banks and financial institutions in fulfilling their requirements. Our other services include

  • Implementation Services
  • Data Validation and Reconciliation
  • Performance Fine-tuning
  • Data Migration
  • Business Analysis
  • Data Archiving
  • Local Developments
  • System Audits
  • Report Development
  • Production Support and System Integration

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Scalable Platforms


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Highly Optimized

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