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Mobility Solutions at Lera

At Lera, we deliver solutions that prepare you to seize the opportunities that mobility presents. Our experts are focused on working together with your team to achieve breakthrough growth in the rapidly evolving mobile ecosystem. Combining our deep expertise and cross-industry mobility experience, we are able to design, build, test and implement leading-edge solutions. We enable you to quickly launch and scale high-value mobility services.

Mobility Management Solutions

Meeting Your Challenges

Market players have been trying hard to usher in a new age of mobility by unlocking value and enhancing productivity. Despite significant investments, many businesses are yet to crack the code on how to profit from mobility services. The major challenges pertaining to mobility include ensuring continuous remote access to data and applications, regulatory compliance, security policy enforcement, fragmentation and complex deployments. Partnering with a company that has gained solid experience understanding business processes and workflows can help you overcome mobility obstacles without any glitches.

What You need

Mobility Business Needs Identification
Key Success Factors
Emerging Technology Research
Data Integrity Checks
Legacy Solution Integration
Comprehensive Implementation Strategy

The Lera Offerings

Our seasoned practitioners provide a complete suite of services right from planning, carrying out upgrades and migrations and developing applications that are ideal for your business. We work on solutions with data security and the ability to operate across many platforms, in mind.

At Lera, we strive to deliver the expertise needed to modernize and re-engineer businesses. We provide rapid and seamless Upgrade and Migration services focused on minimizing downtime and maximizing business benefits.

Our main focus, at Lera, is to extend robust strategic planning. We provide high quality mobile applications for every category, having worked with diverse brands, organizations, start-ups and individuals to create powerful apps.

We facilitate automated data interchange between two applications, connecting isolated applications and/or data sources to an existing integrated environment. Our team of specialists provide ad hoc integration services that are flexible and scalable for all forms of solutions.

We help businesses forward-port apps as per OS upgrades, change requests and enhancements. Our team provides support and maintenance services through our new-age processes.

The Benefits

Enhance Collaboration

Enhance collaboration

Increase Efficiency

Increase efficiency

Boost User Satisfaction

Boost user satisfaction

Capture Data Accurately

Capture data accurately

Heighten Security

Heighten security

Optimize Processes

Optimize processes

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