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Advanced Analytics at Lera

We help you discover, interpret, and communicate meaningful patterns in data and apply those patterns towards effective decision-making. Our Advanced Analytics solutions are infused with powerful and interactive visualizations that enable you to transform information into insights. We connect disparate data to create an accurate canvas of your operations in real time, illuminating opportunities and inspiring action.

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Meeting Your Challenges

With Advanced Analytics capabilities, companies can turn information into hindsight, insight and foresight to keep pace with change. Yet, companies struggle to execute analytics programs. Finding people with the right skills and capabilities, safeguarding privacy and security, algorithm optimization, aligning data with objectives, lack of compelling business cases and implementation costs are some of the problems hampering advanced analytics adoption. The solutions to these challenges would need to incorporate deep domain expertise with an in-depth understanding of technology to produce effective outcomes.

What You need

Business Understanding
Data Understanding
Data Preparation
Data Modelling
Results Analyzation
Data Dissemination Technique

The Lera Offerings

Along with data science - descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive and cognitive analytics - Advanced Analytics solutions from Lera Technologies include social media advanced analytics, text analytics for research reports, interest rate modelling, credit scoring models and fraud detection.

Customer Profiling

We use past data to build a customer profile that can help anticipate the purchase patterns of customers, to suggest future purchases. The profiling can also be used to evaluate whether or not a customer is eligible for products, services or discounts on offer. Customer profiling also helps build a targeted approach to customer acquisition.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Prediction

Our advanced analytics can predict behavioral tendencies of customers through the lifecycle, driving strategic decision making on what offerings at what time could aid in customer retention. By analyzing recency, frequency and other monetary aspects, a CLV model is built that can be used in data driven triggers to increase ROI by investing effort on high value customers.

Customer Segmentation

We leverage analytics to build a demographic of customers based on the overall business value they are likely to translate into for the future. The segmentation into the different demographics can aid in the prioritization of customer handling and thereby increase the upward migration of customers. It would also enable organizations to build a solid base of high value customers to tailor future offerings for.

Personalized Marketing

The understanding of customers derived from in depth analytics would enable organizations to customize the products and services that address the needs of the customer well. Organizations can decisively opt for the right sales and marketing channels to reach customer base effectively. Our analytics would also help organizations formulate cross-selling, deep-selling and up-selling strategies with the right target customers in mind. All of these actions would prove to be effective tools in enhancing customer experience, loyalty and retention.

Recommendation Engines

Purchase pattern analysis would help maximize sales with recommendations of the right offerings to the right customer base. Tailoring offerings based on past buying behavior, relevance and preferences would result in higher lead conversion rates for companies and would drive up the sales numbers.

Transform data across touchpoints

With the help of our analytics engine, it would be possible to track and analyze the behavior of customers across various touch points and create a strategy that is based on a 360° view of the client’s data.

Track customer behavioral patterns

Putting together the past data of interest, preferences and purchases of a customer would enable organizations to calculate loyalty scores for each customer and trigger actions to ensure engagement and retention based on the demographic that each customer falls under.

Target the right customer segments

Analyzing behavioral patterns can help strategize outreach programs for customers that are data driven, ensuring maximum upward migration and prevention of churn.

Analyze variables that impact churn

Predictive analytics could help organizations leverage the right parameters and variables on user journey data to anticipate churn and trigger the right set of actions and offerings that could mitigate the risk of losing customers.

Identify the customers most likely to churn

Analytics could help in the prediction of the customers most likely to churn based on their behavior and identify approaches that could ensure the actions to prevent defection could be undertaken prior to it.

IP Geolocation

Analytics could help determine the likelihood of fraud based on location and IP address information by identifying anomalies in correlation to past data.

Descriptive Analytics

Our analytics would enable organizations to define rules to identify and flag deviation from usual behavior with respect to individual customers.

Predictive Analytics

Historical observations can be used to determine outliers and possibility of fraud and distinguish them from genuine customer interactions.

Insights Dashboard

It is possible to collate and visualize activities to flag suspicious behavior to facilitate the fraud screening process using our analytics.

Automated Workflow

Workflows can be automated for the rapid screening, detection and blocking of suspicious devices and the cancellation of fraudulent orders.

Social Media Analytics

Detecting relationships between entities on various online interactive platforms and using it to identify anomalies in behavior that are indicative of fraud is made possible with our analytical engines.

We use NLP (natural language processing) based algorithms to analyze conversations on social media platforms, to arrive at a net score that depicts the sentimental inclination towards the brand.

We compare your previous and present reports to figure out the key sentiment drivers of marketing initiatives on social media pages, helping you draw insights on prevailing trends.

Our team of experts review your competitor websites through their social media pages and help your organization build a strong presence across all social media platforms.

The Benefits

Optimize and Improve Customer Experience

Optimize and improve
customer experience

Identify Risk and Mitigate Fraud

Identify risk and
mitigate fraud

Streamline Overall Business Operations

Streamline overall
business operations

Make Informed Business Decisions

Make informed
business decisions

Enhance Productivity and Build Efficiency

Enhance productivity and
build efficiency

Improve Agility for Business Development

Improve agility for
business development

Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub

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Patient Care Delivery

Provided data analysis solution and visualization tools to help healthcare organizations deliver personalized and holistic care to enhance health outcomes by deeply understanding patients’ needs.

Optimal Staffing

Facilitated efficient staff allocation through data analytics solution by identifying patient visit patterns based on historical data and helped achieve optimal cost of operations and high patient satisfaction.

Detection of Fraud

Devised an analytics solution to help hospitals save time and increase revenue by detecting currency and online fraud through analyzing nuances and anomalies across payment data, voluminous patient records

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