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In an increasingly cloud-centric world, our specialists help you incorporate the full capabilities of cloud to boost your organization’s IT function. We partner with you to build a complete, security-rich solution that infuses new value into your company. Our expertise spans virtually all industries and geographies and we are seasoned in developing holistic cloud strategies, and implementing and managing robust cloud environments. Continuous market research and constant dialogues with industry leaders inform our distinctive perspective.

Meeting Your Challenges

The cloud has revolutionised how companies innovate and operate, propelling their growth and helping their clients succeed. Yet, cloud adoption has been slower than expected. Companies are often constrained by lack of resources, not having a clear business vision, absence of a clear and comprehensive transformation plan, ineffective cost management or simply, failing to identify risks.

What You Need

The Lera Offerings

Our business intelligence systems include visualization tools, centralized metadata strategies, quality assurance (QA) processes, and performance tuning services. We combine BI technical expertise with the business domain know-how to make the approaches successful. To ensure a smooth BI journey, we provide detailed roadmaps for customers and employees, comprehensive feasibility studies and structured knowledge management. We work with you to identify and prioritize key factors and execute your long-term strategy and vision.

Our offerings include exploratory evaluations, cloud strategy, design and architect services and solution and technology consulting to accomplish your business objectives.

With our proven and fresh approach, we deliver effective, scalable, high-performance cloud applications and application transformations to reduce implementation time and cost.

We transform application landscapes with new architecture models and facilitate the introduction of new business capabilities.

We help you migrate your on-premise business process and workloads such as data, application, BI, analytics and infrastructure to Cloud. For example, Enterprise Data Warehouse to Data Lake (Cloud Storage) and on-premises Hadoop to Cloud Migration.

Our cloud operations range from administration, support, cost optimization to performance enhancement to help monitor all types of cloud environments.

We jump-start insight generation and enable customer journey acceleration with a rapid deployment program for business continuity and to address customer needs.

We develop DevOps culture in your internal IT and help you deliver applications at the pace of business demand.

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Data Lake Implementation on Hadoop

Transformed data from RDBMS to Data Lake on Hadoop to overcome Big Data processing challenge, cleaned up raw data through accelerators, packaged, deployed and scheduled workflows in multiple Hadoop environments

Data Lake Implementation on CDH

Helped a large agri-business that has multiple business verticals to migrate and upgrade infrastructure and applications to implement data lake solutions using different architecture and tools and simplify maintenance across teams

Data Lake Implementation on Azure

Supported an energy company to set-up a centralized data and cloud engineering team and established clearly defined development and deployment standards, guidelines and code review process and deployments

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