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Internet of Things at Lera

At Lera, our experts bring breadth and depth to the IoT offerings, with capabilities that include market analysis, strategy development and facilitating organizational change to successfully implement IoT solutions. We help you unlock new revenue streams, design unique customer offerings and deliver enhanced efficiencies. Using our vast experience, we ensure that you utilize the best opportunities, and identify new trends and sure-fire ways to leverage them.

Internet of Things Consulting Services

Meeting Your Challenges

Winning with IoT is beyond just connecting with the right devices. It’s a tall order for companies to keep track of what’s in and integrate strategy, technology and human elements to zero in on the answers. Common IoT struggles that businesses face include identification and authentication of technologies, data capturing capabilities, compatibility and interoperability of different systems, security and privacy issues and handling unstructured data. By working with seasoned consultants, companies can capture the maximum benefits of digitizing the physical world and transform how they do business.

What You Need

Core Process Reengineering
Digital Journey Strategy
Right Collaboration Partners
Ideal Digital Ecosystems
Scalable Technical Infrastructure
Cross Function Alignement

The Lera Offerings

Lera Technologies provides solutions across the entire IoT frontier, ranging from implementing a digitally-connected environment, to analytical platforms that can peruse data from within the IoT system and churn out insights.

As part of enhancing your means of data capture, we can deploy a wide range of end-user devices, discretely embedded within your facilities to gather data points specific to your operations or customer engagement. These devices come in a gamut of sizes – from a miniature sensor to a complex data acquisition unit – and can be customized to fit into your existing infrastructure. 

• Controllers For Human Operators
• Vibration & Current Sensors For Your Machines On The Production Line
• Visual & Audio Sensors To Capture Visitor Footfall And Customer Behavior

Gateways are essential to facilitate the movement of data points in a timely manner from the end-devices to the data collection unit on premises or on cloud. The right kind of gateway brings ample bandwidth to ensure all captured data flows smoothly with integrity and minimal latency to the destination along with performing data pre-processing, filtering and aggregating to data visualization and analytics.
• Software/Edge: Bitstew, Kura, Agile, Cisco
• Hardware: Adlink, Intel, Huawei, Cisco, Dell, HP
• End-to-End: Eurotech, Samsara, B-Scada, SmartWorx

We can power your industrial IoT network with crisp applications suited to your business needs. Depending on your operational demands, we can equip the network with computing capabilities even at the periphery if need be, allowing your critical data to be processed and readied prior to streaming and further consumption. We offer control center applications that manage the IoT system itself, mobile applications to monitor and understand device data, and business intelligence reports and analytic applications to analyze data for decision-making.

• Edge Computing
• Building Application
• Solutions on IoT Platforms
• Reporting and Analytics

The Benefits

Understand Customers Behaviour

Understand customers better

Improve Control

Improve control

Utilize Business Opportunities

Utilize business opportunities

Optimize Efficiency

Optimize efficiency

Increase Connectivity

Increase connectivity

Reduce Errors

Reduce errors

Enhance Safety

Enhance safety

Promote Agility

Promote agility

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