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We help you overcome complex business challenges using technology as an enabler through consultancy for Big Data, Data Warehousing, Data Lake, Cloud, Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Quality Engineering & Assurance. Our technology advisors support you in pivoting to new technology while energizing your legacy systems. We work with you to devise technology strategies that provide a future-ready foundation, develop a roadmap for change and integrate your workforce with business processes in a secure environment.

IT Consulting Services

Meeting Your Challenges

In the rapidly changing business world, technology capabilities are a marked differentiator. While companies increase their investments and dependency on IT resources, they fail to account for disruptions of the future. Hence, they face many challenges in implementing robust technology solutions including resource management, data security, upgrade installations and more. They also fall short in terms of agility and having the right set of talent to spearhead change.

What You Need

Adapt Your Business Environment
Pivot to New Technology
Build Cyber Resilience
Power Faster Innovation
Minimize Workplace Distruptions
Develop Resilient Infrastructure

The Lera Offerings

Our cost-effective digital transformation solutions have been designed to help you steer towards future success with the latest tools that technology has to offer. We perform end-to-end evaluations to find out how agile your system is and suggest ways to improve functionalities. Here’s our list of IT consulting services -

Our advisors undertake a complete review of your company’s entire IT infrastructure to identify and prioritize areas for improvement. Proactive technology assessment enables your organization to recognize capacity limitations in the early stages and strengthen your IT framework’s capabilities to maintain a competitive edge.

  • Business Requirements & Prioritization
  • Business Case Development
  • Evaluation, Assessment & Diagnostics
  • Emerging Technology Advisory & Selection
    • Open-Source V/s Commercial
    • Build V/s Buy
  • Enterprise Application / Portfolio Assessment
  • Data Lifecycle Assessment & Management
  • Business Data Discovery
  • Data Governance and Frameworks
  • Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing / Data Lake Roadmaps
  • Capability Development
  • Rationalization / Simplification of IT Practice

Our expertise involves configuring and deploying your enterprise’s technology architecture that constitutes network size, hardware, information assets, operating systems, database management systems, and application servers. We assist you in optimizing technology process components as well as upgrading to the most viable infrastructure developments.

  • Technology Architecture
  • Hardware and Infrastructure –
    • On-Premise V/s Cloud
  • Data Warehouse / Data Lake Architecture
  • Big Data Analytics Architecture
  • Information Architecture
    • Master Data
    • Data Integration
    • Data Profiling & Quality
    • Metadata Management Strategy
    • Data Security

We leverage and execute a data-driven, technology-enabled, flexible and progress-oriented roadmap for IT performance management. This empowers your enterprise to accelerate development and its management across people, processes and technology, which is crucial for staying competitive in a rapidly-evolving IT environment.

  • Strategy Maps
  • Developing & Mapping KPIs
  • Balanced Scorecard Approach & Implementation
  • Executive-Level Dashboards

Performance Testing

Our experts perform load tests to check your system’s response to load variations. We administer stress tests as well to make your system robust by exposing it to the maximum load capacity.

Functional Testing

We ensure that our testing services are in line with your business requirements. Using our tried and tested methodologies, we help improve your software functionality without compromising any sensitive data.

Security Testing

We use the latest tools and techniques to identify the vulnerability of your system and chances of security breach. Our specialists validate your current system to detect loopholes and suggest remedies to minimize risk.

Test Automation

Our test automation experts are skilled in developing customized and comprehensive test automation solutions to improve the functionality and life-cycle in software development.

The Benefits

Improve Productivity

Improve productivity

Minimize Downtime

Minimize downtime

Tap into Economies of Scale

Tap into economies of scale

Control Operating Expenses

Control operating expenses

Increase Security

Increase security

Enhance Efficiency

Enhance efficiency

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