Data Accelerators

Data Accelerators at Lera

Our accelerators act as catalysts to the development and implementation of a multitude of data solutions. It enables the formation and application of business logic, taking stock and calibration of data processing capabilities and also leveraging and visualization of results. Accelerators act as a digital foundation for building tailored applications to cater to organizational needs with quicker turnaround times.

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Meeting Your Challenges

Most of the data in organizations are spread out across verticals in silos with little or no standardization in terms of methodologies and processes. They face a severe dearth of clearly defined development and deployment standards as well as guidelines. It is difficult to migrate, update and transform data in an environment that is made of disparate data architectures and tools. Centralizing data in such conditions and making it accessible across the organization to effectively make use of requires an agile framework, without which deriving insights would be challenging.

What You need

Data Ingestion into Data Lake
Handle Multi Format Data
Handle Batch and Real Time Data
Adopt Open Source Solutions
Data Ingestion into Cloud Storages
Data Pipeline in Cloud Environments

The Lera Offerings

We specialize in enabling big data initiatives using our pre-built components for integration and deployment.

Hadoop Accelerators

Our Hadoop accelerator helps data transformation using Spark, Hive, Kudu and Scala. The accelerator supports configuring transformation workflows or activities easily (supports simple JOIN, Column Mapping, Default Values, Delete, and Filter transformations). It also facilitates adding custom Scala code for performing complex transformations or implementing any complex business logic and the Scala code can be easily integrated with the transformation workflow. The accelerator is easy to build, compile and deploy.

The Benefits

Open Source Technologies and Tools

Use open-source technologies and tools

Cost Effective ETL Framework

Cost-effective ETL

Leverage Hadoop Cluster Effectively

Leverage Hadoop cluster effectively

Configure, Deploy, Trigger Transformations

Configure, deploy, trigger transformations

Other Practices

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