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Building powerful business models through enhanced analytics is a complex process and more often than not fails to deliver on its promise. Without a pragmatic approach to big data that takes into account the operational complexities, the right mesh of data warehousing with business processes, practical implications and data strategy, organizations can incur sizable losses in terms of cost and effort in the attempt to gain insights from data. However, with the inevitable digital tide, productivity and profitability rates are on the line for those who fail to monetize data.

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In order to meet the industry standards and have the desired business impact, organizations need an integrated approach to data sourcing, data model creation and data transformation. Organizations need to be able to identify and put together data from multiple sources. They need cutting-edge technology that can predict and optimize outcomes as well as transform data to yield clarity for business decisions. LEAP (Lera Enhanced Analytics Platform) gives you the room to push the envelope and find the right fit for your organization with a wide range of technological solutions. It lets you experiment with a guided stepwise procedure that enables you to up your game and uncover insights with minimal risk.

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LEAP (Lera Enhanced Analytics Platform) is a dynamic platform that showcases advanced analytical practices across industry verticals. With LEAP, users can gain a clear-cut idea of the stepwise procedure for each analytical tool’s functionality and the benefits provided that can drive better strategic decision-making to solve their business challenge or optimize performance. LEAP is a one-of-a-kind experimentative approach to simplifying analytics for users to gain a better understanding of their organization’s digital landscape and maximize their data capital.

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Identify Specific Business Challenges

Identify industry-specific
business challenges

Explore a Range of Analytics Practices

Explore a range
of analytics practices

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Deep dive into tool
features and functionalities

Experience and Visualize Business ROI Upfront

Experience and visualize
business ROI upfront

Experiment with the analytical tools on LEAP to tailor the best solution for your organization. Map out the metrics that meet your goals and test out actionable insights. Support key business decisions with the right tools democratized for users across the board and gain clarity in developing usable business-relevant analytics.

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Risk Analytics

Insurance companies are not able to predict the risk of an accident or a new disease that may occur in the future, and which may lead them to drastic loss. By using analytics, the insurers can identify whether the drivers are likely to be involved in an accident, or have their car stolen, by combining their behavioral data with the exogenous factors such as road conditions or safe neighborhoods. Similarly, in the world of health and life insurance, insurers can track the health behavior of the customer and identify illnesses at an early stage based on the vital signs of the insurer and propose appropriate preventive measures.

Optimal Staffing

Healthcare providers find it challenging sometimes to have adequate medical staff leading to some serious consequences. On the other hand, excess staffing will increase labour costs. Data analytics can predict fluctuations in patient visits based on historical data and provide patterns which help in staff allocation based on patient visit. The Lera solution provides analytics based on past data which gives providers an idea as to which department is going to need what resources. Thus beds, staff, and other required resources can be allocated to patients accordingly, achieving optimal cost of operations with high customer satisfaction.