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Real Time Data Transformation

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The data landscape is in a constant state of flux and requires a nimble system capable of real-time data streaming to actualize and monetize it. The capability of streamlining customer experience with understanding and insight based on trigger events will be quintessential for any next-gen system. The future lies in the hands of the pioneers who are capable of creating a roadmap for the future.

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Organizations need to constantly innovate and evolve to survive and thrive. Lera’s constant need to seek newer, better technologies to replace the obsolete has led us to the doors of innovation. The quest resulted in us not only creating new technology but reflecting upon and honing every tool in our arsenal. Seeking to push the envelope with innovation, we decided to improve upon our proven product of Eficaz, by making it possible to transform data in real time. Thus, emerged our cutting-edge innovative offering of EficazRT that makes monetizing your data a cinch.

The future of data monetization with EficazRT

Forging a new path in the way data is perceived, analyzed and converted into insights in real time is the forte of EficazRT. Capable of responding to changes in the ‘Now’ to create solutions that are Digital ‘Next’, EficazRT is not simply treading the road not taken by contemporary solutions, but creating it. EficazRT embodies innovation by bringing cutting-edge technology home with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytics, digital transactions, and mobile data needs.

Disruptive differentiators of EficazRT

Business Update Storage in Real Time

Business update storage
in real time

Real Time Data Change Analysis

Real-time data
change analysis

Accelerated Anomaly Identification

Accelerated anomaly

Rapid Onboarding of Data Fields

Rapid onboarding
of data fields

Enables Instantaneous Decision Making

Enables instantaneous
decision making

CRM Data Monetization

CRM data

Quick Data Structuring

Quick data

Insight Generation Model Creation

Insight generation
model creation

Lera has used real-time data streaming to innovate technology of the future that lets you bank on immediate data-driven insights. EficazRT’s innovative offerings result in a huge benefit on both cost and time that actualizes and monetizes data to protect and grow business revenue. Extracting business data updates and monetizing them has never been easier than with EficazRT.

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Knowledge Hub

Hyper-Personalized Customer Experiences

Tap into real-time data streaming to gauge and understand customer behavior. Hone receptiveness and responsiveness by recommending the right offers to the right customers at the right time. Cater to customers at risk of attrition quickly and kick the notch up on user experiences. Exceed customer expectations with increased agility and accuracy. Remain competitive by building new revenue streams and products based on customer insight.

Fraud Management

Real-time updates from EficazRT make it possible to analyze behavior, identify risks, detect anomalies and act on it. Rapid data analysis and data change capture makes EficazRT the right tool to help deal with fraud management by mitigating risks in real time. Instantaneous data updates hasten the recovery post issuing notifications or alerts. EficazRT is therefore a flexible fraud management tool that amps up cybersecurity and helps minimize impact in case of a breach.