Custom Development

Custom Development at Lera

At Lera, our custom development offerings are specifically designed to address your business requirements. Our team’s wide range of technical capabilities come in handy to develop and maintain custom-built applications. We have rich expertise in providing holistic solutions that are compliant with the dynamic regulatory and technical landscape. We collaborate with you to research, manage and discuss development possibilities, perform quality checks, and for reporting.

Meeting Your Challenges

While custom software development helps your business keep pace with changing trends and evolving technology, building and maintaining solutions in-house might be extremely challenging. Lack of adequate documentation of code base, maintenance of the code base, implementing enhancements to the base solution are some of the most common roadblocks faced. By choosing to outsource custom development, your business can focus on core tasks while improving software performance. Working with a software partner can help you reap all the benefits through a meaningful collaboration.

What You Need

The Lera Offerings

Our resource base encompasses a wide variety of technologies ranging from VB.Net, Excel Macro programming all the way to the latest skills like AngularJS, ReactJS and Big Data technologies. At Lera Technologies, we have the capability and experience required to support custom-built applications and provide the necessary guidance. We collaborate with you to make these applications evergreen and future-proof by migrating them to the latest technology platform to achieve better results.

We offer financial solutions powered by intelligent automation that enable best-in-class finance operations for top performance, cost reduction and a target-oriented model that is ideal for your business.

Our seasoned team has wide-ranging experience in addressing workforce challenges by ensuring intelligent automation takes over routine and repetitive tasks and helps employees focus on core tasks.

We have a proven and comprehensive framework, rooted in practicality, that delivers results by integrating your supply chain’s master data insights with planning and execution to solve problems and create growth opportunities.

The Benefits

Improve competitive advantage

Optimize efficiency

Increase flexibility

Reduce Costs

Automate business processes

Facilitate integration

Achieve greater productivity

Accelerate innovation

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