Human Capital Engagement

Human Capital Engagement at Lera

With our passion for people as value creators rather than as a part of the corporate value chain, we focus on humanizing your business. Our capabilities include workforce strategy, planning and effectiveness, employee management, business strategy alignment, change management and talent management strategy review. We help you develop future-ready human capital by building the capability, credibility and community to unleash full potential and deliver high impact.

Human Capital Consultancy Services

Meeting Your Challenges

Having a cohesive and future-oriented talent approach is necessary to put the right people in the right roles. It is becoming increasingly vital for organizations to leverage research, analytics and industry insights to design and execute effective human resources programs. However, organizations find this challenging. The issues they face include attracting the right talent, churn prediction and prevention, change management, managing hiring costs, performance management, culture fitment and utilizing emotional intelligence.

What You Need

Access Current Workforce
Determine Future Expansion
Perform Gap Analysis
Create Development Plan
Prioritize Key Investments
Formulate Execution Strategy

The Lera Offerings

We offer a specialized solution focusing on industry-specific talent acquisition. This model provides you the flexibility to choose when and for long you require our services based on your needs. We help you find the best talent, improve candidate flow and reduce recruitment costs by deploying our seasoned recruiters.

Our team of recruiting experts help you identify the candidates with the right set of skills for your different project needs. With our access to a huge talent pool, we are able to interview, negotiate terms and hire quickly to meet diverse requirements. We connect you with individuals with diverse experience looking for projects.

We take on the legwork of collecting information, screening and vetting processes to identify the right candidates for your organization at minimized hiring costs. Under this model, you will be able to test the waters and decide whether you would want to retain the employees after the initial few months, helping you make informed hiring decisions.

Our hiring specialists help you set up a team of full-time dedicated offshore developers, designers, software testers, quality analysts, project managers, delivery managers, etc. enabling you to run your business at economical and commercially viable costs. You will further get access to a techno-functional resource pool.

We help you establish a Centre of Excellence, optimize and run a business process service delivery operation, and mature and transition the practice. This will promote efficiency and reduce costs while giving you full control over the operations. You will inherit a well-coordinated team of experts and avoid the hassles of training employees afresh.

We take pride in having a team of exceptional consultants with decades of core expertise across specialized domains. Choose from our pool of in-house technical scientists, analysts and engineers to meet your enterprise requirements. Our expertise spans across Big Data, Cloud, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning models, Quality Engineering & Assurance, Temenos T24, JD Edwards and more.

The Benefits

Enhance Productivity

Enhance productivity

Risk Resilient Organization

Create a risk-resilient organization

Unlock Human Potential

Unlock human potential

Power Sustained Results

Power sustained results

Harness Value

Harness value

Drive Impact

Drive impact

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