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Data Engineering at Lera

Bringing together data from disparate sources, validating them, removing inaccuracies, redundancy and irrelevant data to bring it to an ETL ready state is not an easy task. Data engineering big data to ensure ETL operation is rendered successful takes a high degree of expertise in data management. At Lera, we leverage cutting-edge technology to create high quality data that meets the standard required for transformation.

Data Engineering Consulting Solutions

Meeting Your Challenges

The fast-paced technology of today necessitates using data and leveraging it effectively. The data generated across disparate sources is huge in volume, velocity and variety. The challenge is to bring data from disparate sources into a single big data platform and standardize the data for deriving better insights. Getting huge volumes of data of high quality onto a centralized big data platform poses a considerable conundrum of implementation, access and risk management.

Creating data warehouses and data lakes to store vast data in structured and unstructured data in its raw or native format involves the effort of expert data scientists and engineers. Resources with a magnitude of technical expertise are highly prized and optimizing the usage of their time is essential for organization-wide growth.

What You Need

The Lera Offerings

Lera's expertise in Data Engineering makes the entire process of creating a high quality data ecosystem seamless and quick, bringing a spike in efficiency and productivity through data driven decision making.

We work with clients to deliver outstanding outcomes in the Big Data ecosystem by working with them and developing a data strategy and data roadmap. Our consulting and advisory services build long-term relationships and partnerships with clients to meet and exceed business expectations and organizational vision.

We offer services to migrate BI/DW to Big Data and Cloud. We also provide services of Data Lake Design and Implementation wherein we work with clients for implementing Big Data infrastructure and implement the best suited architectural patterns for meeting business problems. We offer services of Custom Application Development where we help clients understand and derive deep insights using their Big Data by developing custom applications using which clients can make appropriate business decisions. We implement Application Transformations for clients to re-architect the solution by adopting the latest tools and technologies. We also enable development and deployment with multi-cloud models.

We offer packaged solutions for configurable ETL/ETL Framework, quick data ingestion and

API based data ingestion into big data and cloud.

We provide Data Lake and DWH management/support services (L1 to L3), DBA services and end-to-end Data Engineering and Analytics management/support services.

We enable application development, testing and deployment, security management services, traditional and open source databases, and cloud-native services.

  • Custom Application Development
  • Application Transformations
  • On Prem Hadoop to Cloud Migration

We provide dynamic technical support at various levels to various data management and implementation functionalities.

  • Level 1 to Level 3 Tech Support
  • Data Lake Management
  • EDW and DBA Services

The Benefits

Long Term Partnerships

Long-term partnerships

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Reduced TCO

Multi Tool Expertise

Multi-tool expertise

Quick ROI

Quick ROI

Rapid Business Delivery

Rapid delivery

Multi Architecture Capabilities

Multi-architecture capabilities

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