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Lera Technologies is not just a place of work, but an ecosystem that is designed to bring out the best in every individual associated with it. In a world fraught with never-ending disruption, we’re looking to constantly evolve just like the next-generation technology, leading-edge processes and future-ready talent we work with. Our growth mindset is driven by the perpetual pursuit of Innovation, Creativity and Experimentation with passionate, curious and diverse team-players that thrive on collaboration. At Lera, we believe in fostering a culture that harnesses, amplifies and unleashes your innate energies and emboldens you to grow as innovators, creators and experimenters every single day.

The Lera Ecosystem

Bring Innovative Ideas

Bring innovative
ideas to life

Solve Challenges Through a Creative lens

Solve challenges
through a creative lens

Experiments Take Smart Risks

Embrace experiments
& take smart risks

Inspiring Community

Belong to an
inspiring community

Collaborate with Diverse Minds

Collaborate with
diverse minds

Grow Outside Your Perceived Limits

Grow outside
your perceived limits

Accelerate businesses towards digital next

At Lera, our mission is value creation for our clients by systematically re-envisioning opportunities across technology, processes and people. Together with you, we build innovative solutions by constantly questioning the norm, inspire an unconventional outlook towards problem-solving, and enable dynamic experimentation to deliver impactful results. Lera’s DIGITAL NEXT approach has helped global companies across industries withstand, adapt and scale in a disruptive ecosystem by sustaining an infinite lifecycle of transformation.


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