Pharmaceutical organizations can gain the benefits of social analytics services to improve their operational efficiency. The predictive and prescriptive analytics tool can help in streamlining regulatory reporting’s and support the marketing or the sales team with the right information on potential medical practitioners and related clients.

How Do We Support you?

  • Our social analytics services offer prescriptive analysis and OTC (over-the-counter) analysis that helps in driving information related to medicine. The answers for the questions below give clarity to the drug manufacturer about the drug and how is it perceived by the patients:
    • How a patient is referring to the prescription?
    • Which medicines are they buying?
    • Are they switching to some other medicine from your competitor then why?
  • Our solutions also extend support by helping you understand the perception of the drug in the market
  • We gather detail on competitor products and analyze how the two same products are perceived in different markets

We are here to prescribe the right dose of social analytics services to revitalize your organization.