the what

Lately, most organizations are struggling to track, measure, or analyze the heaps of data that is being generated. As a result, they are losing several opportunities to interact with their customers. This is where ProWise comes in handy. ProWise is a Customer Experience Platform, which is a software that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems.

ProWise enables an organization to identify anonymous customers with disjointed interactions. This helps to understand key attributes, customer behavior and context of engagement. ProWise can also help make predictions around channel preference, time of nudge and content that drives conversions.

the why

  • ProWise pulls in real-time streaming data from customer interaction touch points across digital and even offline channels
  • ProWise can create unique customer identities to aid an organization in viewing all customer interactions and transactions
  • ProWise has advanced predictions and recommendation engine, therefore helping achieve greater ROI

the features

  • ProWise lets organizations create unique customer identities. This helps with getting a complete view of customer interactions and transactions
  • ProWise runs true cross channel and therefore an organization can use an event in a particular channel as trigger and initiate action in another channel
  • ProWise’s advanced predictions and recommendation engine removes guesswork out of your marketing and gives great ROI

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