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Social Analytics

We understand the importance and relevance of social media in today’s generation.

For a business to flourish, it is necessary to locate its key customers by gathering and analyzing the online data that indicates how the users are engaged with the organization. Social analytics is one form of business intelligence that identifies and forecast customer behavior with every click they make. The social analytics tools recognize the online activities, analyze the collected data, and derive meaningful insights from the data pool.

what we do

Social media platform bridges the gap between an organization and its valuable customers through feedback, comments, complaints, and suggestions. The data collected helps in understanding how the brand is being perceived by the potential customers and further helps in better decision-making at the business front. Our unique approach in social analytics involves extracting required information’s from the social media pages on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to generate an insightful report.

Our social media analytics offerings include:

  • Sentiment Analysis: We use NLP (natural language processing) based algorithms to analyze online conversations on social media pages. This approach helps in evaluating a net score that depicts the sentimental inclination towards the brand.
  • Trend Analysis: It helps in drawing insights on the prevailing trends from the brand or product perspective in a specific industry. We compare your previous and present reports to study an increase or drop in the sentiments regarding any marketing initiatives made on social media pages.
  • Brand Monitoring: It is one of the essential parts of social analytics. Our team of experts review the competitor websites through their social pages and help build a strong social presence for your business in the social media platforms.

why us

At Lera, we analyze the social media network and extract insightful information on customer behavior patterns. We help organizations combine the power of computing with human intelligence to anticipate and solve complex consumer behavior.