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qa and testing services

Lera Technologies Inc. is one of the best software testing companies in USA,  and strives to offer quality services to all the enterprises across the globe. Our quality assurance professionals are aware of the digital transformation challenges faced by any enterprise and possess the expertise to help them meet the customer demands by implementing stable and secured software testing applications. We offer a range of QA and testing services powered by AI and ML techniques to our valuable clients and deliver efficient QA processes that can level up their projects to align with digital transformation.

what do we offer

  1. digital transformation testing

Our digital transformation testing services cater to provide broad spectrum of services for your organization’s digital ecosystem.

Having an extensive experience in this testing domain, we aim at increasing your business value by enhancing customer satisfaction through our cost-effective digital transformation solutions that are carved from our in-house tools.

Our testing solutions are meant to test the integrity of your site and the user experience and validates the sites vulnerability to security threats.

  1. mobile app testing

We help in improving the app experience to enhance customer satisfaction. Our QA engineers help in enhancing the functional as well as non-functional features of the app.

We do native mobile app testing for you and create a better UI with key functionalities.

We also offer mobile performance and compatibility testing and ensure that your mobile apps comply with industry standards and regulations.

  1. web app testing

We offer website and web application testing to detect any issues with your web solutions and extend support in improving the user experience for the website.

We ensure that the website functions efficiently on different operating systems.

Our expert QA consultants carry out web security testing to check the website safety against hacks.

  1. performance testing

We offer performance testing service to ensure that your system works without any disruption under heavy workloads.

We perform load testing to check your system’s response with load variations.

The stress testing service helps to determine the maximum capacity of load that your system can handle and perform stability testing to ensure that the system remains responsive over an extended period irrespective of the load capacity.

We help in identifying the performance issues and deliver activity plan for improvements.

  1. functional testing

We ensure that our software functional testing services comply with your business requirements.

We use our tried and tested methodologies to improve your all the applications without compromising on the sensitive data.

The applications that we work on include enterprise applications, mobile applications, IoT solutions, BI and Big data solutions, etc.

  1. security testing

Our experts use the latest tools to understand the vulnerability of your system for security breaches.

We validate the existing system to detect any loopholes, analyze it and provide necessary directions to minimize the risk of intrusion.

  1. qa outsourcing

By outsourcing your QA and testing needs to us, you can rest assured of getting your challenges resolved with our team of skilled and knowledgeable QA professionals.

We help in improving QA and testing process as well as evaluating the testing performance.

Our experts have expertise in implementing the right QA solutions into the existing system to enhance business performance.

  1. test automation

We automated testing services focus on executing ingenious automation frameworks using the latest tools.

Our experts are skilled in developing customized and comprehensive test automation solutions and implement it to improve the speed and quality of the lifecycle in software development.

how do we approach

We use our proven methodologies to carry out different testing thereby assuring you the quality-driven outcome.

why choose us

  • We offer tailor-made software testing solutions as per the requirements in terms of tool, techniques, and processes
  • We swiftly adapt to the changes in your project requirements
  • Our testing solutions are cost-effective and efficient
  • We offer quality services with speed
  • We help transform your business digitally

We have first-class consultants that have all the answers.

QA and Testing Services