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Data Science & Analytics

Converting the data into business opportunities is not merely a challenge. However, retrieving the real-time information about the customers becomes a game-changer for any business. With the exponential upsurge in the volume of the data, every business needs to plunge into fast data analysis and proper ideation to enhance the business operations and performance.

what we do

Lera Technologies USA is one of the leading data science companies in USA that cater to offer predictive and inventive data science solutions to its clients spread across the globe. Our services range from machine learning to optimizing customer data and predicting customer perceptions. Being specialized in Data Science in USA, we ensure that our global clientele reaps benefits through our newest and gilt-edged data science services that help in improving the bottom-line output of any organization.

our approach

  • Data Inspection: Our data scientists understand the business objectives and start collecting the required data. The next move is to segregate the data that are relevant to the business from the data pool
  • Data Model Development: Our experts create an analytical data model to predict the future of customer behavior
  • Implementation: The data scientists help you in deploying the solutions to your IT infrastructure and extend support in managing the operations

our data science services In USA

  • Consultation: Our Data Science specialists in USA offer advice on choosing the right tools and algorithms for scoping and assessing its usefulness for the organization. Our Data Science consulting service in USA are specialized in industries such as Insurance, Financial Services, Health care, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, and E-commerce
  • Data Generation: Our data scientists prepare a data chart using time analysis and outlier analysis to categorically define different variables for the business
  • Model Creation: Our experts create an analytical model and algorithms from the accumulated data to build business strategies
  • Training: Our experts can deploy the appropriate solutions to your IT infrastructure and extend support in training the key users on how to monitor and manage customer engagement through the real-time reports and KPI’s

why us

We closely work with our clients to understand their business goals and deliver tailor-made analytic solutions to get prominent results.  We ensure quick deployment of predictive analytics solutions that help the clients understand their customer’s real-time engagements and preferences, which in turn helps in improving user experience.


We know data science in and out.