Big Data

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Big Data

The ever-growing consumer demands have led to an outburst of data, which poses Big Data challenges to the industries across all the sectors. Data generation at such a fast is propelling the organizations to leverage Big Data services to keep themselves updated and upfront in the competitive marketplace. Managing a corpus pool of data is not an easy task for the traditional tools and technologies and therefore enterprises are relying on the Big Data tools to accelerate business growth.

what we do

Our team of Big Data experts is mastered in delivering Big Data analytic solutions to the organizations and enable them in building strategies to achieve the business objectives. We aim at creating a Modern Data Architecture for any organization to help them with strategic decision making. At Lera, our experienced Data Architects design road-maps to help the organizations achieve their business goals through data-driven insights by handing the voluminous data efficiently.

our services

    1. data lake

Lera’s Data Lake services help the organizations to manage their data efficiently in a secure and centralized environment. We design and implement data lake and connect all source systems to Ingest, Curate and Analyze the enterprise’s internal and external data. Our experts aim at deriving positive outcomes by leveraging and implementing new tools and technologies (both Open Source and Enterprise) to optimize your business objectives by lowering TCO and raising ROI.

    1. streaming and batch analytics

We help our customers connect with any data systems and retrieve the data on a real-time basis or in batches for analysis. The streaming and batch analytics infrastructure are developed with meaningful visualizations and can be deployed on either Cloud or On-premises infrastructure.

    1. hadoop accelerators

We are specialists in integrating and deploying Hadoop and Spark for the big data initiatives using our pre-built components.

    1. big data development

Our team of data engineers develop data products, deploy them using best practices (DevOps), and facilitate Big Data analytics activities with various visualization techniques. We understand your business needs and suggest the right hardware and tools for achieving goals (Capacity Planning). We focus on data discovery, ingesting, consolidating, and processing the big data for Enterprise Analysis that will keep you on the forefront of the competition.

We leverage various NoSQL databases to store and manage, Cache huge amounts of data in ways that allow for high operational speed (In-memory DBs) and great flexibility as part of Big Data development.

    1. big data managed support

Being a pacesetter in Big Data services, our experts have the prowess to manage Big Data environments. Our team of big data consultants (Customer Support Executives) offer 24*7 platform/application support and provide 100% up-time with better performance to rule out any issues. We also extend support exclusive Hadoop/NoSQL administration and end-to-end data governance.

why us

As a leader in delivering digital transformation solutions, we collaborate with our valuable customers to help them unlock their business potential.

We are your hassle free solution provider for all things big data.