Meteor is a cloud based business intelligence, reporting and data analytics tool that gives you a single comprehensive view of your most critical business data. Meteor ensures enterprise – level security, performance and scalability. It also provides the highest level of manageability of powerful analytics.

Using live and interactive dashboards and/or storyboards, an organization can monitor the health of their business, through a standard browser interface. They can also access their data on-the-go with Meteor’s mobility support on devices like smartphones and/or tablets.

the why

  •  Meteor is the simplest and most affordable BI & Reporting tool
  • Meteor’s big data in-memory architecture delivers super fast insights
  • Meteor is all about quick connects. In just a few clicks, an organization can connect to a wide variety of sources
  •  Meteor’s top priority is to ensure security and confidentiality of customer data

the features

  • Meteor’s auto data discovery engine crawls through the metadata of source systems and auto-generates reports without human intervention
  • Meteor allows one to fuse and merge data coming from discrete data sources to a common BigData source with drag-drop-link. Therefore creating a single source of truth, on which business insights can be generated
  • Meteor has an extremely friendly user interface. It offers intuitive features to prepare storyboards and/or dashboards. It has powerful visualizations like charts, pivots, summary tables and more to offer

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