BFSI industry is one of the sectors that is always amidst the hurricane of unusual changes occurring in the sector from the competition and regulatory aspects. The technological advancements and increased customer expectations have further raised the bar for core banking operations. The BFSI industry is clinching on IoT services for better handling and assessment of data and for enhancing their business performance, all at an affordable cost.

why count on us

At Lera, our consultants help you to leverage the benefits of IoT to improve customer experience and gain customer loyalty. Mobile is the key IoT for the banking sector as more and more customers rely on mobile banking in the present era.

we support you this way

  • Our IoT experts have expertise in implementing IoT solutions for the banking firms to provide easy access to its customers using debit and debit cards, which further helps in identifying the necessity of ATM installations in specific areas
  • By enabling IoT, banks can detect any frauds in the debit and credit transactions. The bank can retrieve the data of the customer like identity, location while the customer swipes the card and decline the transactions if any fraud is detected
  • By implementing IoT, our experts can collect the customer data that can help the banks to identify their customer needs and feedback. This helps the banks to improve and offer value-added services to their customers

Count on us for any IoT services to support your business requisites.