FinONe is a software that aids organizations with price optimization and price recommendations. In other words, it helps with finding the right pricing for their customers. At its core, it is a Pricing Engine.

Traditionally, pricing methods were influenced by internal perception, and further limited by lack of real-time market data. As a result, sales and marketing campaigns that rely on simplistic pricing often result in inadequate and irrelevant targeting.

This is where FinONe is a game changer. FinONe dismisses challenges presented by traditional pricing methods, it takes into account real-time market data, factors in historical data and the organization’s business priorities. Therefore allowing the engine to generate prices most relevant to each customer cohort across geographies or demographics.

With FinONe an organization has the power to set competitive prices that will bring in new customers as well as satisfy existing ones. FinONe to the rescue!

the why

  • FinONe uses real-time market data that helps an organization make profitable pricing decisions
  • FinONe can be used to fine-tune an organization’s pricing strategy and ensure fruitful ROI
  • FinONe can help an organization observe how pricing affects demand

the features

  • FinONe uses Predictive Analytics to set a service fee specific for each customer or transaction
  • FinONe maintains an accurate and updated Rolodex of all your customers (Golden Customer Record)
  • FinONe comes with a dashboard that helps an organization visualize and understand price sensitivity

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