Eficaz – Best Data Warehouse Suite

Eficaz & Kafka

Eficaz, which is world class ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) & DW (Data Warehouse) Tool is now integrated with Kafka for the downstream integration. The lightening speed of extraction of Eficaz coupled with highly scalable messaging platform Kafka makes a great combination.

Data residing in Temenos Source database is extracted by Eficaz and handed over to Kafka to perform the loading.  With this integration, the loading speed improved by 3x and there is immense improvement overall extraction to loading time.  Further, the data once in the Kafka Topic is good to be loaded into many target storages such as Hadoop, RDBMS, NoSQL. Further, with the Kafka connecters the data can be presented to Applications, Microservices, Monitoring Systems & Analytics platforms.


Apache Kafka is a distributed publish-subscribe messaging system that receives data from disparate source systems and makes the data available to target systems in real time. Kafka facilitates the asynchronous data exchange between processes, applications and servers. Topics are divided into partitions to make them more manageable and Kafka guarantees strong ordering for each partition.