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Cloud Services

The emergence of cloud computing has led to hassle-free access to a multitude of IT resources and being an eminent solution provider, we at Lera, strive to architect complex solutions with disruptive innovations. We foster comprehensive strategies to help our clients navigate through our cloud processes using the best practices and expertise to help them manage cloud applications.

our offerings

At Lera, we make every effort to understand your requirements and integrate cloud-based applications to grow your business by offering a range of cloud services.

    1. cloud application development

Lera’s Cloud Application Development Services cater to develop and implement exceptional cloud-based solutions to optimize the agility and scalability of business with cost reduction and maximized ROI.

    1. cloud migration

 Cloud migration is vital for any business model to achieve optimized performance. Our cloud specialists have deep expertise in delivering complex migrations and rendering great customer satisfaction with zero business impact.

    1. cloud consulting services

Cloud consulting services is an innovation in cloud computing that helps any business to grow faster by unlocking new possibilities. Lera offers cloud consulting services, which are outlined in an appropriate way to help you achieve business objectives through the best practices and regulatory obligations.

    1. cloud support and maintenance

Cloud support and maintenance is crucial for any company to efficiently monitor their infrastructural data deployed on the cloud. This in turn helps in cost reduction and increased productivity. Our experts at Lera assures maintenance and support for your cloud services on a real-time basis.

    1. cloud managed services

It could be cumbersome for the internal IT department to keep an eye on the cloud architecture and that is when the cloud managed services come into the frame. No matter what cloud environment you have, it is quintessential to monitor your cloud architecture for any data loss or security threats. Lera is dedicated towards offering cloud managed services across all the business platforms.

why us

Lera has garnered highly-efficient cloud application developers who stay updated and up-skilled with best engineering practices to deliver optimal solutions within the time frame. Our team of experts understand your needs and cater to help you scale up your business by providing solutions that can be built on the top of the existing IT infrastructure without any inconvenience.

Do you want to push your digital operations to cloud? You are at the right place.

We believe the benefits of the cloud are innumerable!